Atacama Wendy Premium Vacuum Sealer, Silver

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Compact, practical, and easy to use, Wendy Premium Vacuum Sealer does food packing in embossed bags and all types of glass jars.

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Take the guesswork out of sealing and keep your food fresher for longer while preserving color, taste, and quality, thanks to the vacuum technique of Atacama Wendy premium vacuum sealer by Tre spade. Air, the main cause of food deterioration is completely sucked out from a bag or a container by this easy to use sealer. Wendy is so compact and handy; it is perfect for outdoor use as well. Thanks to the 12V power supply accessory with cigarette lighter connector, it can be used in your car, motor home, or boat and is very helpful and functional when traveling.

About Atacama

Atacama food dehydrators allow you to conserve fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and much more while ensuring rich flavor and lasting results. Now you can enjoy your favorite foods all year round! An Italian brand, Atacama, is part of the famous Tre Spade Group. It is named after the Atacama desert plateau in South America, the driest non-polar desert in the world. Innovative, efficient, and easy to use, Atacama food dehydrators let you experiment with new recipes and culinary delights.



Color: Silver
Preservation: Helps prevent food oxidation and deterioration.
Freshness: Maintains the freshness of food while preserving its fragrance.
Convenience: Guarantees considerable economic savings since it reduces food waste.
Health: Ensures higher hygiene by reducing the risk of contamination with other foods and the proliferation of moulds and bacteria.
Space: Allows saving space in both refrigerator and pantry.
Body in PC-ABS with base equipped with anti-slip supports.
Digital control panel with luminous LED and a 3-pulse button: complete automatic cycle for bags and rolls, sealing cycle for bags and rolls; suction cycle for jars. Door opening/closing facilitated by manual side push-buttons.
Vacuum chamber with 45° safety cut that reduces the risk of liquid suction.
Extremely limited power absorption.
Comes with: 10 embossed bags 20x30 cm, power transformer with standard plug, cigarette lighter connector 12V, suction extension for jar packaging, 2 valves for jar packaging, valve applicator.
Weight: 1,2Kg
Dimensions: 36.5x13.8x6.5 cm
Sealing rod length: 33 cm
Absorption: 42 W 
Max depression: 700mbar
Pump suction: 12 l/min



  • When vacuum-sealing foods, always use food-grade plastic pouches or pouch material suitable for cooking.


  • Always unplug the machine before cleaning.
  • Do not immerse the machine or electrical cord (power lead) in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads to clean the machine; they will scratch the surface.
  • Clean the outside of the machine with a soft, damp cloth or sponge, using mild dish soap and warm water.
  • To clean the inside of the unit, use a paper towel or soft clean cloth to wipe away any food or liquid.
  • Dampen a soft cloth with mild soapy water and gently wipe clean.
  • Dry the machine gently, but thoroughly, with a soft, clean cloth.