Fiesta Black Liposoluble Powder Colourant

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The perfect color powder for decorating chocolates!

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Are you fond of customizing your own chocolates? This lipodispersible powder is great for adding decorations on confectionery and fine bakeries such as pastries, cakes, cookies, and wafers) and chocolates. It stands out perfectly on any white chocolate, which gives a lovely matt-finish look on your dessert table, parties and more. There is no need to heat, the product may be poured or brush directly into chocolates and other desserts.

• Perfect for decorating white chocolates,
• 5 grams of highly concentrated powder
• It can be poured directly into melted chocolates
• No lumpy or speckled chocolate using cocoa butter
• AZO Free


Allowed to be used only for food production purposes.

Lipodispersible powder for the decoration of food, in particular of confectionery and fine bakery (pastries, cookies, cakes, and wafers) and chocolate. Add directly the powder to the product to be colored or apply with a brush to the surface to be decorated.

Allowed for use in products only.
Do not swallow directly. May contain traces of milk, sulphites, soy, and hazelnuts.
Storage: Keep lid tightly closed and in a dry place.


Ingredients: Coloring: E153

Color: Black

Net Weight: 5 grams