Hario V60 Kasuya Coffee Dripper, 4 Cups, Black

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The V60 Kasuya Coffee Dripper 4 cup set from Hario is a stylish addition to the collections of coffee aficionados.

Set contains:

1 x coffee dripper

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Hario’s V60 dripper was named after its optimal brewing qualities: the V shape and the 60-degree angle. The ceramic dripper has great thermal properties and the spiral grooves slow down the water for better extraction of coffee. V60 dripper fits perfectly together with Hario’s V60 coffee server. Size 02 brews 1 to 6 cups depending on the size of the cup.

About Hario

The brand has been dedicated to the design, production, and sale of heatproof glass since it was founded in 1921 and is the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan to have a factory.


Product Specification

Material: Ceramic
Colour: Black
Dimensions: W 140 mm × D 120 mm × H 102 mm 


Use and Care

Dishwasher safe
Makes up to 470 ml approximately, in one brew
Easy to clean