KitchenCraft Easy Store Magnetic Measuring Cups, Set of 4

Kitchen Craft
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Measure out just the right amount for your sweet and savory recipes with the Magnetic Measuring Cups.

  • Integrated Magnetic strip to keep cups locked together, saving limited storage space.
  • Takes 8 different measures: 1 cup and ½ cup, ¾ cup and ¼ cup, ⅔ cup and ⅓ cup, ½ cup and ⅛ cup neatly nested.
  • Doesn't absorb flavors and odors.
  • Set contains: 4 measuring cups, each with a dual measure.
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This set of four measuring cups is perfect for daily baking and cooking. The cups are double-ended with a bowl on each end that you can take eight different measurements. You may use these to measure basic baking ingredients, such as sugar, flour, baking soda and lots more. This is also ideal for measuring out stronger herbs and spices to season foods and recipes.

About KitchenCraft

A UK based company, KitchenCraft is a market leader in all types of kitchen and homeware products. Monitoring key trends in the fields of design and home cooking, the brand strives to provide a constant stream of high-quality tools, gadgets, cookware and more. KitchenCraft has won prestigious awards for service, product innovation, and design.


Material: Food Grade Plastic

  • Measure 1 cup / half a cup, three quarters of a cup / quarter of a cup, two thirds of a cup / a third of a cup and half a cup / eighth of a cup measures Neatly nest.
  • Space saver. It has Magnetic strip to keep all the cups locked together.
  • It doesn't absorb flavours and ordors.
SpecificationBefore first and after each use, hand wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.