LotusGrill BBQ Grill, Red

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It’s time to hit the outdoors and start barbecuing. With the portable Red LotusGrill, you’re all set for good times. This bbq grill will add a lovely, bright feel to your barbecue with its bold red colour. 

Product contains:
1 Outer bowl
1 Inner bowl
1 Charcoal container
1 Grill grid

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No-fuss, no sweat, just some real good barbecue without a doubt. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and start this state-of-the-art bbq grill. Quick to assemble as well as safe and easy to use, the LotusGrill XL produces less smoke and it is perfect for getting barbecue fiesta started.

Let’s learn how to use the LotusGrill


Why it’s one of the best bbq grills around



  • Unlike conventional bbq grills, the LotusGrill generates little smoke, facilitating an organic cooking experience.
  • Since it uses significantly less charcoal, this bbq grill is extremely energy efficient
  • The LotusGrill’s built-in, battery-operated fan functions to spread heat quickly and evenly.
  • The silver knob lets you regulate the level of heat so you have full control on your grilling.
  • The Lotus bbq grill literally is pretty cool. Its double-layered, outer bowl doesn’t heat up. You can safely touch it anytime and even move the grill around, if need be.
  • The charcoal safely burns inside a mesh container. You won’t experience sudden sparks or burns.
  • Since the charcoal is contained, the grease from your food won’t drip on it and burn.
  • The latches on the side of the bbq grill combine all its components into one safe unit. You can even turn your bbq grill upside down and everything will still be in place.

Quite brilliant and recognized for excellence in design and function

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About LotusGrill

Established in 2010 from its parent company - Lotus, LotusGrill specializes in developing barbecue equipment so its consumers can have the best outdoor grilling experiences.


Product Specifications

Material: Outer Bowl - powder coated steel
Inner bowl, Charcoal Container, Grid and Latches - stainless steel
Capacity: Grilling - suitable for 5, Charcoal container - 250 g
Dimensions: Top - 35 (cm), Bottom - 26 (cm), Height - 23.4 (cm), Diameter of grill grid - 32 (cm)
Product contains: Outer bowl, inner bowl, charcoal container, grill grid


  • The bbq grill’s combustion time varies between 40 - 90 mins. You can refill charcoal at any time
  • The fan is powered by 4 AA batteries
  • The unit is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean
  • Faster and safer than any other bbq grill of its kind
  • You can use the LotusGrill to grill sausages, burgers, steaks, sea-food, veggies and more
  • Disassemble your unit once done and remove excess fats from the grill and inner bowl. These parts can either be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand
  • Wipe the rest of the unit clean with a damp cloth
  • Avoid using abrasive products to clean the unit
  • To get rid of stubborn residue, soak the inner bowl in water overnight
  • Clean your grill after each use. Since it has been designed to use reflective heat, the Grill won’t function at its optimum best if the bowl isn’t clean
  • Do not use the bbq grill indoors