PackIt Classic Lunch Bag, P the Super

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The only freezable lunch bag coming in a classic shape, keeps your food fresh for 8 hours.

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The Old-School Lunch Box Bag just got PackIt’s cool tech twist! The Freezable Classic Lunch Box Bag is the only horizontal bag that chills healthy food for hours. A freezable gel is inserted into the lunch box bag, so you will never waste money on ice packs again. The bag's top-load design makes it easy to pack flat containers like bento boxes. A buckle handle clips onto totes, backpacks or sports bags for convenient travel to and from school, daycare and sports activities. There's also a mesh pocket that fits a small water bottle and a slim zip pocket for ID cards or wipes.

How It Works:
Fold it
The Freezable Classic Lunch Box collapses down to the thickness of a thin paperback book for compact storage.
Freeze it
The entire lunch box goes in your freezer overnight (12 hours) to activate its built-in freezable gel. By morning, the walls of the lunch box will be completely frozen and ready to chill just like a fridge.
Expand, Pack & Go
Fill your Freezable Classic Lunch Box with food and drinks just before you leave home. They will stay cool and fresh all day!

About PackIt
PackIt is the smartest and simplest way to keep food and drinks cool anywhere. Their foldable, freezable bags work just like a refrigerator, continually chilling items for hours. PackIt's vision is to reinvent ways to live better and encourage consumers to expect more. Founded by a mother who wanted her children to eat well and healthy on the go, PackIt continues to provide solutions that are smart, effective, and - above all - cool.


Material: Made from food-safe, nontoxic poly canvas and water-resistant EVA.
Dimensions: When Open - Height - 25.4cm, Width - 21.59cm, Depth - 12.7cm; When Folded - Height - 20.95cm, Width - 20.32cm, Depth - 3.17cm Color – P The Super.

  • The built-in freezable gel keeps items cool up for hours.
  • Zip closure locks in cool, dry air.  
  • Buckle handle clips onto totes and strollers.
  • PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead-free.
  • Perfect for a sandwich, snack and a 340ml drink.  
  • PackIt bags require a full 12-14 hours in the freezer to achieve optimal cooling power.


  • Hand wash the interior of your PackIt with mild soap and warm water or wipe thoroughly with an all-purpose antibacterial wipe.
  • You can spot clean the exterior with a gentle sponge.
  • You must allow the PackIt to air dry completely with the flap open before freezing to prevent frost from forming on the bag.  
  • PackIts are not washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, or microwave-safe.
  • Do not use bleach or any other chemicals other than laundry detergent to clean the bag.