Scrumptious Gold Sugar Strand Sprinkles

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Add a sprinkle of fun to your baking.
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These gold strand sprinkles has a fabulous metallic gold finish that gives a lovely look to your cookies, cakes, ice creams and cake pops. These sprinkles make decorating homemade treats easy and appealing.

Scrumptious is a UK based manufacturer of delicious and trendy shaped Sprinkles that makes decorating desserts fun, easy and exciting.

SpecificationStore in a cool dry place away from direct heat and light

Color: Gold

Sucrose, glucose syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel fat, glazing agent (shellac), color (E171, E172, E101), emulsifier.E472, anti-caking agent (E553B)

Product Dimension:
Length: 8 to 10 mm

Net weight: 80g