Sweet Stamp Handwritten Letters, Set of 52

Sweet Stamp
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Nothing like personalized handwritten messages on your baked creations using this beautiful set of handwritten letter stamps.
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Use this Handwritten Sweet Stamp Set to make gorgeous personalized messages on your cakes. This is a soft and chunky calligraphy style which is easy to create and paint. This set contains script style uppercase and lowercase letters in a large-sized font.

About Sweet Stamp:
Sweet Stamp is a Patent Pending system created by AmyCakes with registered designs which gives you the option of creating your own custom messages by aligning your letters to create whatever the required word may be.


Material: Acrylic

Color: Turquoise

Design: Handwritten

• A complete set of letters from A to Z.
• PickUpPad is sold separately.


• Knead and roll out the fondant to an even thickness using icing sugar for dusting. Align the letters/numbers directly onto rolled fondant, and leave a space for any duplicate letters. Use the letters to gauge the size of the space.
• Press the PickUpPad on top of your letters/numbers to create your stamp.
• Use a cake smoother to gently press and pivot the "PickUpPad" around the cake.
• Emboss any letter you missed to fill in the gaps. Add colors to your design using brushes for the best results.

• Wash with soapy water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth.