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Handpresso Auto Set Capsule Espresso Machine

Item Code : HP-48310
AED 1,295.00

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Handpresso’s Auto Set Capsule gets you completely set for your espresso break in the car. The set includes - 1  bag, 1 Handpresso Auto capsule, 1 capsule case, 2 unbreakable cups and a napkin.

The Handpresso Auto Capsule makes a perfect 50ml espresso at 19 bar pressure. A perfect fit for your vehicle, it conveniently plugs into a 12V socket. Your espresso is ready in 2.30 minutes monitored by a digital screen. The machine is also equipped with an electronic delay system (5 minutes) and an anti-spray nozzle.

When the bag is open, it can be used as a tray and its lodgings make it easy to use the machine and drink your espresso. Capsules, sugar and spoons fit perfectly inside the flap. Once your break is over, just close the bag and place it in the glove box.

How to Use the Auto Capsule

Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

  • Plug the machine into the 12V cigarette-lighter.
  • Add cold water and the Nespresso compatible capsule of your choice. Press the ON button.
  • After the 3 beeps, flip the machine around and press the Cup button. Once done, press the stop button and enjoy your espresso. 

About Handpresso

With its portable machines, Handpresso has coupled coffee quality with mobility so you can make the most of your coffee break anywhere. Simplicity is at the core of the Handpresso concept - the portable machines are easy to use and make great coffee everywhere. Driven by innovation and quality, Handpresso offers a friendly and unparalleled coffee experience.



Product Specifications

Pressure: 19 bar
Cycle: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Water Reservoir Capacity: 50ml
Power: Voltage - 12V, Wattage - 120W


  • 1-year guarantee