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BOSKA Cheese Curler Taste

Item Code : BA-850515
BOSKA Cheese Curler Taste
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The Cheese Curler is a unique cheese tool designed to create fancy thin slices of curls and is perfect for serving Tête-de-Moine, P'tit Basque, Edam and similar cheeses. Its knife is attached to a pin at the centre which secures the cheese to the board. The dark wooden board and stainless steel curling knife makes pretty paper-thin rosettes, intensifying the true flavour of the cheese and creating an eye-catching presentation. Great for any occasion and looks good on your appetizer or dessert tabletop. The curler complements all of Boska's cheese tools and accessories creating a cosy, unique atmosphere to enjoy cheese with friends.

Boska has been the specialist of cheese tools for over 100 years and offers a large assortment of cheese slicers, fondues, curlers and other tools to enjoy cheese, all with outstanding service and quality.



Board: Mahogany Wood
Curling knife: Stainless steel

Product Dimension:
Diameter (cm): 23.5

Use & Care

Use & Care

Before use, clean the metal pin and the knife with oil. Cut a thin slice from the top of the cheese, so that the "monk’s head" appears. Position the pin in the centre of the cheese and push it down. Place the curling knife onto the pin. Turn the knife clockwise over the cheese (do not press too hard). After some rotations, beautiful and full curls appear.

The cheese is at its best at 7°C / 45°F, and best to keep the cheese refrigerated after use or cover it with the Boska Holland Cheese Curler Dome.

Hand wash the knife in soapy water, rinse and wipe dry.
Do not wash or soak the board in the dishwasher.