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GEFU Digital Thermometer Scala

Item Code : GF-21820
GEFU Digital Thermometer Scala
AED 104.00

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The Gefu scala digital thermometer features an extra fast temerature display providing readings in four to ten seconds. Temperature ranges from -45°C to +200°C. Its Simple to change the display from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Suitable for all types of food and liquids.

GEFU Germany was founded in 1943, and has become one of the most exclusive specialists for high quality kitchen equipment in the market today.



Materials: Stainless steel, ABS plastic case

Product Dimensions:
Length (cm): 23
Width (cm): 2.5

  • All-purpose thermometer for the kitchen extra fast temperature display (4-10 seconds)
  • Temperature display can be changed from °C to °F in the battery bay
  • Temperature sensor with silicone cover
  • Battery not included

Use & Care

Use & Care

Not dishwasher safe.