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PushPan Deep Round Non-stick Pans

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PushPan comes as Simple as

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It is not only the good baking skills and quality pan makes a perfect cake. With PushPan's multi-award winning design, every bake dessert comes with perfect result. It features patented silicone gasket seal base which prevents from leakage and makes the pan leak-proof and watertight.  Ideal for making cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and other delicate cakes. It makes baking more fun and eases the baking dilemma of first-time bakers, hobbyist and alike.



The PushPan's Attributes:
  • Patented silicone seal base
  • Easy to use - No clasp or unsecured loose bottom
  • Easy push release - Ensures perfect edges and sides to baked goods
  • Even heat distribution - No hot spots
  • Leak-free base - No need for liners
  • Watertight - No need to wrap the PushPan® when placing in a bain-marie
  • PushPan® technology gives perfect results every time,
  • Oven safe to 200°C/450°F

PushPan is committed to serve and continuously develop innovative bakeware products, worldwide. The PushPan® patented technology offers consumers the only truly 100% waterproof and leak proof loosed based pans. PushPan is known for its multi-award winning design, provided that each pan ensures favorable baking results. 



Pan: Heavy gauge carbon steel with Whitford non-stick coating
Seal: Silicone

Product Dimensions:
Diameter        Depth
18cm              7.5cm
23cm              7.5cm

• Ultimate double coating
• The silicone seal is made from high-quality materials that pass both FDA and LFGB and does not need removing when washed

Use & Care

Use & Care

To maintain the beauty and performance of your bakeware, our cleaning recommendation is a simple hand washing or soaking in warm soapy water, followed by a quick rinse and towel or air drying.

Do not use dishwasher detergents, bleaches, harsh chemicals, abrasive soaps, wire brushes, scouring sponges, or sharp tools when cleaning as they can damage the surface of your bakeware. 

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