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KitchenCraft Seafood Cutlery Set with Shell Crackers


The KitchenCraft Seafood Cutlery Set with Shell Crackers is ideal for cracking and eating lobsters, crab and shellfish.
This set contains:
4 x Seafood crackers
6 x Multi-purpose dual ended forks/scoops

AED 99.00

Availability: In stock



This complete set of seafood cutlery includes shellfish crackers to crack seafood with hard shells. The special long-handled, dual ended seafood forks and scoops let you quickly remove and serve meat from shellfish, crab and lobster claws.

About Kitchen Craft

Kitchen Craft, established in 1972, is a brand that manufactures cabinetwork for kitchens and bathrooms. As part of Lifetime Brands Inc., this brand is a leading global provider of kitchenware, tableware and other products used in the home.




  • Dishwasher safe
  • 12-month guarantee