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Chilewich Mini Basketweave Aloe Placemat

Item Code : CH-100132-001
Chilewich Mini Basketweave Aloe Placemat
AED 58.00

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This Mini Basketweave is a subtler version of Basketweave. It is a bit more refined with a smooth texture. It gets inspiration from the ancient weaving pattern that has been utilized throughout the ages by almost every culture. Though the concept is traditional, this is a very modern interpretation that adds elegance and functionality to your table dressing.

Mini Basketweave is Chilewich’s signature Basketweave in half time. Instead of four yarns over four, Mini Basketweave is two yarns over two, resulting in a quieter, less textural surface.

Chilewich creates innovative products from their own original textiles to enhance interiors. Each year Sandy Chilewich’s collection grows through her tireless experimentation and passion for different manufacturing techniques.



Material: Woven Vinyl

Color: Aloe

Product Dimensions:
Length (cm): 48
Width (cm): 36

Use & Care

Use & Care

Be sure to store tablemats flat. Do not fold or allow them to crease.

Chilewich tablemats clean easily with soap and water. For light spills, damp cloth or a sponge is all that is necessary.

We do not recommend dishwasher or washing machine use. Should a stubborn stain occur, woven vinyl is very durable and can withstand scrubbing with a bleach-based cleanser. This will remove stain without altering the fabric. Permanent stains may result when certain food or liquids are left on the tablemat for long periods before cleaning. This is more likely to occur with our lighter-colour textiles.

Air dry and do not iron.

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