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Chilewich Pressed Drift Silver Placemat

Item Code : CH-100384-001

Beautify your table, meal and home décor with the attractive Pressed Drift Silver Placemat from Chilewich.

AED 42.00

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The Pressed Drift Silver Placemat from Chilewich will make a bold addition to your table. Its intricate cut-outs are sure to offer a visually enchanting backdrop to your plates and other crockery. Versatile with both indoor and outdoor use, this Placemat is durable and real easy to care for. Transform your dining experience with this outstanding Silver Placemat from Chilewich.

pressed drift collection chilewich

The Pressed Drift Collection - bold and impressive

According to Sandy Chilewich - founder and creative director of Chilewich - "This collection pushes the boundaries of what a textile can be, by creating graphics that have never really been seen before for the top of your table." It was inspired by traditional Japanese prints and embodies the movement of water and the irregularity of waves. This collection makes for a perfect addition to a home that’s design conscious.

About the brand

Chilewich is a textile design company best known for its innovative, cotemporary place settings and modern flooring. Run by New York based designer Sandy Chilewich and her husband Joe Sultan, Chilewich designs have transformed the way tables are dressed in homes and in restaurants around the world.



Product Specifications

Material: TerraStrand®
Dimensions: 36 (cm) x 48 (cm)


  • Easy to clean
  • Covered by the GreenGuard® program certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute, which protects human health and quality of life through the reduction of chemical exposure and improved indoor air quality

Use & Care

Use & Care

  • Store the placemat flat. Do not fold the placement or allow it to crease
  • This placemat requires gentle care
  • To clean, simply wipe with soap, water and a soft sponge/cloth
  • Machine washing or dishwasher use is not recommended