Tavola Promise

Be it in stores or online, at Tavola we do our best to make your shopping as fulfilling as possible.

  • Our products are backed by generous warranties to serve you for years*.

  • We offer hassle-free services and spare parts in the rare event of your product breaking down.

  • Earn points for your spends and get generous discounts in stores or online.

  • Our passionate staff is always keen to address your queries.

  • Enjoy one complimentary sharpening service when you purchase our knives**.

  • We host exciting culinary and baking events all year round.

  • We deliver anywhere within the GCC.

  • Gifting has never been easier! Offer your loved ones the flexibility of choosing their pick from our range.

  • For a beautiful touch of celebration to your gifts.

    We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

*The warranties apply to most of our products.

**This service is provided for knives with smooth cutting edges only. We do not sharpen knives with serrated edges.