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Corkcicle Canteen Vacuum Flask, Neon Blue, 470 ml

Item Code : CW-2016DNB

Enjoy the delicious taste of your favorite refreshing cold or hot drinks anywhere and anytime with Corkcicle Canteen Vacuum Bottle.  

AED 120.00

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Goodbye Cooler. Hello Cool.

Show off your dazzling bottle. The Blue Neon Light Canteen by Corkcicle features a trendy soft touch. This triple-insulated and stainless-steel bottle keeps your drinks as cool as you want for 25 hours and your hot drinks warm for 12 hours.

Its wide mouth fits ice cubes easily. The flask’s super-stylish design with a high-gloss finish, easy-grip flat sides, triple insulated and non-slip silicone base make it fantastic for the go.

Corkcicle Features


 Superb Features

Vacuum Flask Performance

25+ hours cold

Keeps cool drinks cool all day and more. Water, lemonade, iced-tea, soda, mixed mocktails and so much more…stay hydrated on the go with your favourite drinks!

12 hours hot

Keeps hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours. Hot water, coffee, tea, cocoa and more…cozy up with your favourite beverages!

Vacuum Flask goes where glass can't


Goes where glass can’t 

Few things are as awesome as a cool drink on a scorching day! The beach, the pool, the boat, the desert….no matter where you are, the canteen vacuum flask will sort you out! No need to bring cumbersome coolers. 


About Corkcicle

Corkcicle makes beverage related products that make drinks as perfectly enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re at home, work, the beach, the pool or anywhere else…Corkcicle’s vacuum flasks ensure that you stay hydrated. Smart and innovative, Corkcicle products turn heads with their chic design.



Product Specifications

Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 470 (ml)
Colour: Blue Neon


  • Silicone base grips surfaces to prevent slips and slides
  • Three-layer insulation eliminates condensation and does not burn hands
  • Stainless steel interior lining does not affect or retain taste
  • Smooth, soft-touch finish
  • BPA free

Use & Care

Use & Care

Easy to clean. Hand-wash recommended.