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Enjoy Insulated Oval Gourmet Server, 3L Hazelnut

Item Code : EJ-144500-14T

Enjoy’s insulated double-walled container keeps food hot or cold for up to four hours. Modern and elegant in design, it comes with a porcelain oven dish and is perfect to use when you are entertaining.

AED 263.00

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Made in Italy, Enjoy’s thermal server has a double-wall with inner insulation in EPS. Perfect for hygienically carrying and serving food, it guarantees excellent thermal performance. With its alluring colour and oval shape, it looks great on any formal table. The white porcelain dish can be used to cook food in an oven or microwave. It stores snugly inside the insulated container, which maintains food temperature and is handy to carry anywhere you like. The practical side locking handles ensure that the container is closed properly.

Enjoy Tableware Thermal Insulation

Excellent Features

  • The insulated server has a double-wall in food compatible plastic material, with inner insulation in EPS, offering superb thermal results. 
  • The porcelain dish is suitable for oven and microwave use as well as serving hot food straight from the kitchen to the table. It is dishwasher safe.
  • Patented handle lock fastening system ensures safe lid sealing, perfect hygiene and easy handling. Food remains hot or cold for hours, without any alterations to quality or taste.
  • Well suited for use at a formal table with its attractive design.

Convenient Usage

  • Excellent for when you want to cook food ahead of time and serve it with elegance, at the right temperature.
  • Extremely useful for carrying food to get-togethers with family and friends, a picnic, when you go camping and more. 
  • Perfect for when you want to serve food without any hassles when the members of your family have different meal timings.



Product Specifications

Material: Server - Food compatible plastic, insulation - EPS, cooking/serving dish - porcelain
Dimensions: 45cm x 28cm x 13cm
Capacity: 3L
Thermal Performance: Up to 4 hours
Colour: Hazelnut

Use & Care

Use & Care

  • Porcelain dish is dishwasher safe.