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BOSKA Partyclette To Go Taste Raclette

Item Code : BA-852040
BOSKA Partyclette To Go Taste Raclette
AED 132.00

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The partyclette raclette is perfect for serving melted cheese onto baguette slices or toast or preparing grilled cheese on the go. It is fun and easy to use and makes it possible to have a raclette party anywhere and anytime. A great gift for family and friends.

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About the brand

Boska has been the specialist of cheese tools for over 100 years and offers a large assortment of cheese slicers, fondues, curlers and other tools to enjoy cheese, all with outstanding service and quality.



Frame: Mahogany wood and metal
Handle: Mahogany wood

Set contains:
1 Raclette
3 Tea lights
1 Spatula

Use & Care

Use & Care

Make sure that the raclette is stable and stands on a fireproof surface.
Light the tea lights, put a slice of cheese on the raclette and place it onto the frame.
Use a spatula to push the cheese onto the raclette.
Apply some vegetable oil on all sides of the wooden frame and handle.

Allow the raclette to fully cool down before cleaning.
Never immerse the frame with the wooden parts into water or any other liquid. Wipe them off with a damp cloth and soap.
Clean the raclette with warm water and mild soap.
Never use hard brushes, abrasive materials, disinfectants, soda-containing or aggressive cleaning agents on the partyclette.