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Joseph Joseph Dimple Non-Drip Ice-Cream Scoop, Green

Item Code : JJ-20046

Enjoy an easy and stress free ice-cream serving experience with this Non-Drip Ice-Cream Scoop by Joseph Joseph.

AED 58.00

Availability: In stock



Get the perfect scoop with minimum mess with the Dimple Ice-Cream Scoop. With its faceted head, releasing scooped ice-cream becomes super easy. Also, it comes with a handy drip catcher and stands upright when set down. No more sticky hands or surfaces.

joseph joseph ice-cream scoop

Why it makes for an awesome ice-cream scoop

  • The Dimple Scoop’s plated zinc-alloy head delivers great results and facilitates a fine scooping experience. The dimples on its surface reduce the vacuum created by the shape
  • The tip of its weighted handle is flat. As a result, it can be stored upright between scoops. You don’t need to place it down or stick it into the ice-cream tub 
  • It has a flexible silicone collar that catches any melted ice-cream drips before they run down to the handle
  • It will let you enjoy as many servings of ice-cream as you please without any mess associated worries

About Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph started out in 2003 with a simple chopping board and has now become one of the fastest growing companies in the housewares market worldwide. Products from Joseph Joseph engage with their innovative design and captivate with their functional benefits. Joseph Joseph’s ability to blend innovative design, contemporary styling and a distinctive use of colour is unique within the industry. While many brands concentrate on just one of these aspects, Joseph Joseph focuses on the whole user experience – creating products that work beautifully and are a pleasure to have around the home. Joseph Joseph has continuously won accolades and awards for its unique as well as innovative designs. So go ahead and invest in your very own Joseph Joseph product.



Product Specifications

Material: Handle - ABS, Head - Zinc cast alloy with pearl finish, Collar - Silicone


  • Food safe
  • BPA free

Use & Care

Use & Care

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Remove the inner bucket from unit and clean with hot, soapy water
  • Do not use abrasive cloths or strong chemical cleaners