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Corkcicle Insulated Tumbler, White

Item Code : CW-2116GW

Enjoy your favourite beverages at the perfect temperature on the go with Corkcile's stylish, triple-insulated vacuum tumbler.

AED 111.00

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Say Hello to the Coolest Cup Ever!

Your daily go-to drinking cup just got a whole lot cooler. Crafted from stainless steel with propriety triple insulation, this vacuum-sealed tumbler keeps cool drinks ice cold for 9 hours or longer and hot drinks warm for up to 3. It is full of small yet awesome delights - with its easy-grip sides, non-slip bottom, and shatter-proof, drink-through lid, you'll enjoy easy-going, spill-free sipping every-time.

Corkcicle Tumbler Features

Superb Features

corkcicle tumbler keeps cold drinks cold for 9 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 39+ Hours Cold
Keeps cold beverages ice-cool for 9 hours or longer. Stays cool even longer with drinks containing ice - even in the sun! Cold water, iced-tea, lemonade, iced-coffee, sodas, mixed mocktails...stay hydrated on the go with your favourite drinks!

3 Hours Hot

Maintains hot beverages for up to 3 hours. Coffee, hot tea, hot water, hot cocoa, mocha, soup...cozy up with your favourite beverages! 


corkcicle white tumbler high gloss finsishShatterproof, Crystal Clear Lid

The perfect blend of form and function, each tumbler comes topped with a stylish, sip-through, spill-proof lid equipped with a built-in slider to maintain the temperature inside in between sips. 



corkcicle high gloss white tumblerHigh-gloss finish

Don't just sip, make a statement. With its bright colour accentuated by a lacquered high-gloss finish, the tumbler feels as snazzy as it looks.

About corkcicle

Corkcicle makes beverage related products that make drinks as perfectly enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re at home, work, the beach, the pool or anywhere else…Corkcicle’s vacuum flasks ensure that you stay hydrated. Smart and innovative, Corkcile products turn heads with their chic design.



Product Specifications

Material: Cup - stainless steel, Lid - plastic
Capacity: 470 (ml)


  • Car cup friendly
  • BPA & lead free
  • Three-layer insulation eliminates condensation and does not burn hands
  • Stainless steel interior lining does not affect or retain taste
  • Easy to clean

Use & Care

Use & Care

Use & Care

  • Hand-wash with mild washing-up liquid and non-abrasive cleaners
  • The tumbler is leak-resistant, but not 100% leak-proof. Keep/store it upright when you’re on the go