WMF Round Bread Bin with a Chopping Board

دبليو إم إف
SAR 645.00
غير متوفر
The must have bread bin for your freshly baked bread.

The WMF round bread bin with the cutting board provides optimal space needed for bread storage and also the perfect climate required for it to last longer. The bread drum keeps a not too dry and not very humid condition which helps the bread survive at its true glory till it reaches the dining table. The sliding door is functional, and the bamboo cutting board eliminates the need for a separate cutting board for your baked goods. If you have a large family, you could easily stack a couple of drums on top of each other without wasting counter space. You may also use this to store cakes and other baked sweets.

About WMF

For more than 160 years, WMF Germany has been known worldwide for its reliable, versatile and stylish range of products. Consistently awarded prestigious design awards for their cutting-edge and contemporary innovations, WMF continues to inspire the cooking and dining experience.


Product Specifications

Width: 27cm
Height: 13cm
Diameter: 32cm

• Gourmet bread drum with a natural bamboo cutting board
• The body of the bin is made out of Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, high-quality glass and synthetics
• Easy opening and closing through the sliding window panel
• The removable bamboo cutting board is easy to clean and use


Hand wash only.
Before the first use, wash the whole item with warm water and mild soap.
Do not use a wire brush to avoid damaging of surfaces.
Once washed, thoroughly dry using a soft cloth.
The cutting board should not be directly exposed to the sun for long hours. In order to protect the natural bamboo board, you may use a few drops of oil once a month to coat the surface areas.