Dessert Plates & Cake Stands for sale in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and all cities in KSA

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Baci Milano Baroque & Rock Covered Cake Stand, 32 cm
Baci Milano Baroque & Rock Covered Cake Plate, 32 cm
Guzzini Dolcevita Cake Plate with Cover
Guzzini Dolcevita Cake Stand with Cover
Costa Nova Pearl Cake Stand
ASA A Table 3-Tier Stand
ASA 2 Tier Gold Stand- 21cm
ASA Saisons Dessert Plate, White
Asa Grande White CakeStand, 13 cm
Asa Grande White CakeStand,  22.5 cm
ASA 3-Tier Stand for 21cm Plate
Grande Glass Cover 27cm for 5242-14
Grande Glass Cover 32cm for 4798-14
ASA Grande Glass Cover 27.5cm for 4797-
Grande CakeStand 35cm White
ASA Grande Cake Stand, 29.5cm
ASA 3-Tier Stand