Alessi Moka Alessi Espresso Maker, 6 cups

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Alessi Moka Alessi Espresso Maker, 6 cups
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This Moka Alessi Espresso coffee maker comes in aluminium casting which is an excellent heat conductor. The handle and knob in thermoplastic resin, black. Capacity for 6 cups. This project is a tribute to Alfonso Bialetti who, in the 30s of the 20th century, was the inventor, designer and first manufacturer of the Moka Express, the popular Italian espresso coffee maker. Octagonal in shape, inspired by Futurism and Art Deco, and produced in die cast aluminium, the Moka is an archetype in its category. Recently, it is even been bestowed the status of proto-Italian design. The fact is that the Moka is indelibly inscribed in the collective memory of the Italian people (and not only). It formalized a new.

This is part of the "A di Alessi" collection that presents what is referred to as democratic design at an affordable price.

With a vast product line that includes everything from an iconic, whistling teakettle to a designer flyswatter, the Alessi company, founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, has long been at the forefront of innovative and inspired product design. The company has created a dynasty out of not only offering products geared towards the mainstream – serving trays and everyday cutlery among them – but by also creating some of the most celebrated cult objects of our time.  

CollectionMoka Alessi

Body, funnel and filter plate: Aluminium casting
Handle and knob: Thermoplastic resin, black
Gasket: Silicone rubber

Product Dimensions:
Diameter (cm): 10.4
Height (cm): 20.6
Capacity: 300ml


Before use, wash it out carefully with water and liquid dish soap. Wash it out carefully with running water.

Make and discard several batches of coffee, using the grounds to eliminate any metallic taste.

To use, fill the boiler with cold water, making sure the water level stays below the safety valve.

Place the filter funnel into the boiler. Fill the filter funnel to the brim with ground coffee and level it by pressing gently.

Use coffee that is not too finely ground so that the boiling water will flow through easily but slowly and extract all the flavour.

Make sure that the upper filter plate and the gasket are properly positioned in the base of upper body.

Screw the upper body firmly on to the boiler.

Place the coffee maker on the burner. Position it so that the jet of steam is directed away from you. If you are using a gas burner, keep the flame low. This precaution is useful to preserve the rubber gasket, keep the thermoplastic resin handle from being damaged and prevent scorching and discolouration of the aluminium.

As soon as the coffee stopped percolating up through the central column into the upper body. Remove the coffee maker from the flame.

Never touch the hot surfaces of the espresso maker.

Always use the handle.

Open the cover and stir the coffee slowly with small spoon to evenly mix it since the coffee bubbling up at the end tends to be weaker than that percolating up at the beginning. Pour the coffee into espresso cups.

Caring for your Espresso Coffee Maker:

Always wait for the espresso coffee maker to cool before opening or cleaning it, disassemble the coffee maker and rinse all its part under running water. Dry carefully.

Never wash it with soap; this may alter the flavour of subsequent coffees.

After use, dry the espresso coffee maker and place it, disassembled, in a dry and well ventilated place especially in case of infrequent use.

Do not wash the espresso coffee maker in a dishwasher. The detergents and additives used, and the high temperatures reached during the wash cycle, can permanently damage the surface finish.

Warning: Periodically clean the inside of the column with a brush. Carefully clean the filter funnel, filter plate, rubber gasket and seat under running water. Replace any worn parts.

MaterialCast Aluminum