Travel Mugs, Jars & Flasks for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, Umm Al Quwain and the UAE

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Corkcicle Storm Insulated Travel Mug, 470ml
Alfi Skyline Deep Rose Matte & Chrome Thermal Carafe, 1L
Alfi Skyline Thermal Carafe, Grey & Chrome
Corkcicle Classic Insulated Travel Mug, 470ml
Corkcicle Onyx Houndstooth Insulated Stemless, 350ml
Corkcicle Storm Insulated Stemless, 350ml
Corkcicle Floral Insulated Stemless, 350 ml
Alfi Gusto Stainless Steel Polished Thermal Carafe, 1 L
Alfi Gusto Coconut White Thermal Carafe, 1 L
Corkcicle Cold Cup Lid with Straw
Corkcicle Traveler Insulated Travel Thermos
Corkcicle Neon Lights Insulated Travel Mug, 470ml
Corkcicle Insulated Tumbler, Onyx Houndstooth
Corkcicle Classic Insulated Tumbler, Baby Blue
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Coconut White 1.5 L
Corkcicle Stemless, Blue Marble
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Rose Matte
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Boho Green Matte
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Mint Matte
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Water Matte
Bodum Travel Mug
Alfi Studio Allure Flask
Corkcicle Exotic Tumbler, Luxe Zebra
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Dark Denim and Chrome
Alfi Skyline Tea Flask, Mustard and Chrome
Valira Food Container Divider
Décor Fresh Seal Clips Box
Décor Go Click & Stack Snack Tub, Set of 2
Décor Go Dip Tub, Set of 6
Décor Go Dressing Tub, Set of 6
Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee Mug, 355 ml
Corkcicle Camo Tumbler, Grey Camo
Corkcicle Canteen Straw Cap, Set of 2
Hydro Flask Flex Cap with Standard Mouth
Alfi Gusto Arabic Flask, Space Grey and Gold