Alessi Foix Round Tray, 44 cm x 3 cm

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Alessi Foix Round Tray, 44 cm x 3 cm
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This Alessi Foix Round Tray is stunning designed with a mirror polished stainless steel surface and a raised decorative edge. The crumpled edge is achieved using complex techniques of cold pressing in a single operation. It was designed by Spanish designer Lluís Clotet who was fascinated by the playful crumpling of a tray in silver paper and reproduced the effect in a successful mini-series of trays and baskets.

This Tray is part of the “ALESSI” collection that expresses the finest both professional and home use, in terms of the quality of manufacturing and design.

With a vast product line that includes everything from an iconic, whistling teakettle to a designer flyswatter, the Alessi company, founded in 1921 by Giovanni Alessi, has long been at the forefront of innovative and inspired product design.  The company has created a dynasty out of not only offering products geared towards the mainstream – serving trays and everyday cutlery among them – but by also creating some of the most celebrated cult objects of our time.  


Material: 18/10 Stainless steel, mirror polished

Product Dimensions:
Diameter (cm): 44
Height (cm): 3

DesignerLlu�s Clotet

Wash the tray with water and dry with soft cloth to avoid scratches.

For stains, clean the stainless steel with a mild cleaning product designed for stainless steel, wash with water, wipe and dry with soft cloth to avoid scratches.

When storing, always keep the item clean and dry.