Baking & Pastry Tools for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, Umm Al Quwain and the UAE

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Patisse Oblong Proofing Basket
Nordic Ware Pastry Blender
Fat Daddio's Dessert Ring
Patisse Round Tamper for Food Ring
Patisse Round Proofing Basket
Patisse Adjustable Cake Slicer
Patisse Rectangular Tamper for Food Ring
Patisse Square Tamper for Food Ring
Patisse Doughnut and Bagel Cutter
Decora Round Cake Ring
Decora PVC Roll for Food, 10m
Decora Heating Rod, 11.5cm
Nordic Ware Cake Lifter with Handle
Birkmann Dough Scraper, 27cm
Birkmann Dough Scraper, 29cm
Birkmann Whisk, 27cm
Birkmann Mixing & Serving Bowl, 3L
Birkmann Mixing & Serving Bowl, 2L
Birkmann Sugar Sprinkler
Birkmann Baking Beads, 700g
Cuisipro Silicone Cooking and Baking Sling
Cuisipro Flexible Bowl Scraper
Wilton Cake Decorating Supplies, Navy Blue and Gold, Set of 17
Wilton Icing Spatulas, Navy Blue and Gold, Set of 3
Wilton Cake Lifter, 40cm
Wilton Covered Bowls, Navy Blue, Set of 6
ZWILLING Pro Pastry Scraper, Silicone, 29cm
ZWILLING Pro Pastry Brush, Silicone, 20cm
Staub Pastry Brush Silicone, 22cm
Decora Steel Cake Leveler
Decora Round Perforated Tart Ring, 10 x 2 cm
Decora Perforated Tart Ring, 8x2cm
Fat Daddios Dessert Ring, 8x8x5
PME Twist Twist Piping Nozzle Set 20T & 21T