Atacama Cube Food Dehydrator

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Note: Though this video displays the Pro Deluxe model, the function of the Cube Dehydrator is the same.

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Enjoy Your Favourite Foods All-Year Round!

Made in Italy, the innovative Atacama Cube Food Dehydrator lets you conserve fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat and many other foods ensuring rich flavour and lasting results over time. Thanks to its horizontal air flow system and precise temperature control, it ensures perfect results. With its compact and portable design, the Cube dehydrator is convenient to use anywhere, anytime.


Atacama Food Dehydrator Superior Control System

Superior Control System

The success of an even, consistent drying process depends on the combination of temperature, air flow speed and drying time.

Atacama’s control system with an easy-to-read display allows you to adjust all of these critical variables with ease and precision, ensuring an unparalleled quality of dehydration for anyone who operates it. 



Great Features

  • The Cube dehydrator offers food-grade ABS drying trays and manual thermostat control for total ease of use and customization.
  • Portable yet powerful, you can use the Atacama dehydrator anywhere without compromising on power or performance. 
  • Allows you to preserve your favourite foods naturally and affordably.
  • “Wide Flow” original technology by TRE SPADE, ensures uniform drying performance across every tray surface.

Learn How to Dry Ingredients for Various Recipes with the Atacama Food Dehydrator

Tomato Crunchy Crackers


Dried Tomato in Oil


About Atacama 

An Italian brand, Atacama is part of the famous Tre Spade Group. It is named after the Atacama desert plateau in South America, which is the driest non-polar desert in the world. Atacama food dehydrators are innovative, efficient and easy to use. They let you preserve ingredients for long so you can enjoy your favourite foods anytime as well as create new recipes and culinary delights.