Avantcha Organic Masala Chai Tea, 70g

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Avantchas organic masala chai tea contains hand-mixed Indian Black Teas with Masala Spices, spicy, sweet, and tasteful.

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A tea of organic spices blended with strong Assam black tea. It is aromatic, deep, and bold with a hint of sweetness that originates from the addition of rooibos.

Origin of tea: India

About Avantcha
Founded in the UAE in 2013, Avantcha is a specialty tea brand established from extensive research, detailed tastings, and development of the finest quality teas. 'Avant' derives from the French word, Avant-garde and 'Cha', from the Chinese word for tea. Their collection ranges from organic whole leaf teas to those with herbal infusions.


Resealable 70g Bag.

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon pieces, cardamom seeds, anis, rooibos, ginger, black pepper, cloves (from organic certified agriculture).


Dosage: 1tsp per 150ml.
Water temp: boiling
Steep time: 3-5 minutes.

In order to maintain the quality of the tea, leave in the resealable bag to protect from light, humidity, and oxygen.