Bialetti Mini Express Espresso Maker, 2 Cups

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Made in Italy, Bialetti Mini Express features a 2-cup platform and dual spouts that deliver the coffee brew right into your cup. Enjoy a rich espresso on a stove whether at home, office or while camping.

  • Makes 2 drinks.
  • Heat-resistant centerpiece.
  • Ready in 4-5 mins.
  • Produces thick and rich espresso.
  • Easy to use.
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Dimensions (W x L x D)17.2 cm x 13.8 cm x 8.6 cm
Capacity (Milliliters)100 mL
Use Direcitons:
  • We recommend to clean the pot before using it for the first time.
  • Make 2-3 pots of coffee to season the pot.
  • Never use the pot without water.
  • Use only finely ground coffee.
  • Never use other contents besides coffee like teas, cacao powder or instant coffee as they will clog the filter plate.

How to use:
  • Fill the basin with water up to the safety valve.
  • Place the funnel in the basin and add your espresso grounds, lightly patting them down.
  • Screw on the coffee collect up on top and place on the stovetop.
  • Place 2 espresso cups under the spouts.
  • Turn on the stove to low/medium heat. The pressure gradually rises pushing the water up through the coffee grounds.
  • In a few minutes the the freshly brewed espresso will fill straight into the cups.
  • Once done turn off the heat and remove the espressos from the cup rest.

Care Tips:
  • Do not clean in the dishwasher.
  • Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Do not use any kind of abrasive products.
  • Let completely dry before storage.
Warranty Details:
  • Limited 2-year manufacturer defect warranty.
  • To avail the warranty, kindly keep the receipt as a proof of purchase.
  • This warranty excludes damage to the product from misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, neglect, accident, alteration, fire, or theft.