GEFU Kitchen Torch Fuego

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GEFU Kitchen Torch Fuego
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The professional-quality kitchen torch for caramelising, browning, au gratin and crust toppings and peeling. With its flame temperature of up to 1,300 °C and very easy handling, you can put a crispy caramel layer on cream deserts, cakes and tarts, melt cheese on a delicious casserole, brown roasts and remove skin from tomatoes or peppers. As the size of the flame can be regulated, the appliance is suitable for a wide range of applications.

GEFU Germany was founded in 1943, and has become one of the most exclusive specialists for high quality kitchen equipment in the market today.


Product Dimensions:
Length (cm): 7
Width (cm): 13
Height (cm): 18

  • Professional version with a flame temperature of up to 1,300°C
  • Stepless flame regulation
  • Usable in continuous operation
  • Flame duration of at least 60 minutes
  • Easy filling with standard commercially available lighter gas
  • Powered by lighter gas, not included (Torch is empty on delivery)
  • Including steady stand base
  • With child-resistant catch

Use on/off switch and adjustable flame control.
Perfect for browning meringue, caramelising sugar, or making the perfect crème brulee, or safely roasting red peppers.

Use caution when operating. Keep away from children.
Dispose of lighter gas containers in a safe manner.