Global Boning Knife, 16 cm

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Global Boning Knife, 16 cm

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Fabricating meat and poultry become light work when using the Global Boning knife. This knife is used for jointing poultry and meat or removing bones from meat. It is flexible and bends softly to ensure greater yield. Global is renowned across the world from amateur and professional chefs alike, used with the most prestigious hotels and restaurants, as well as within catering schools and home kitchens.

The knife's dimpled handles ensures safe grip and care. Hollow handles are filled with just enough sand so that the weight is always perfectly balanced in the hand. Its design reduces hand fatigue and provides greater control even after longer use. The seamless transition between blade and handle ensures maximum hygiene.

Crafted by hand to extremely high and exacting standards in Japan, Global is one of the most successful brands of professional kitchen knives in the world and has won many awards.


Material: Cromova 18 stainless steel

Product Dimension:
16cm blade


Always use caution when handling sharp objects.
Avoid cutting on hard surfaces such as hard countertops stone, metal or glass.
It is not advisable to use any knife but a meat cleaver to cut through bone, as other blades can be easily damaged.

We recommend cleaning Global knives by hand using dishwashing liquid and water. After washing, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a towel.
Global knives should not be put in the dishwasher. Doing so could damage the sharp edges if they come into contact with other objects in the dishwasher.
Exposure to extreme heat and powerful detergents can be harmful to the Cromova 18 high carbon stainless steel.