Global Diamond Sharpening Steel, 26 cm

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Global Diamond Sharpening Steel, 26 cm
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This tool's surface contains real diamond dust, it is ideal for honing a blade. While using this steel will not replace a professional sharpening job, it will lengthen intervals between sharpening. This steel will also perform better than a steel without diamond dust because it accomplishes the final task of a professional sharpening, which is polishing the edge to a fine point while realigning the edge.

Crafted by hand to extremely high and exacting standards in Japan, Global is one of the most successful brands of professional kitchen knives in the world and has won many awards.


Material: Chrome-Vanadium stainless-steel coated with diamond particles

Product Dimension:
Length (cm): 26

  • Solid-core rod hones as well as realigns knife edges
  • Plated with hard chrome for additional resistance to abrasion
  • 3-4-inch oval exposes more surface for quicker work
  • Stainless-steel handle moulded for comfort, dimpled for safe grip

Honing steels are used by placing the near edge of the blade against the base of the steel, then sliding the blade away from yourself along the steel while moving it down – the blade moves diagonally, while the steel remains stationary. This should be done at the angle of the edge, usually 15° but this varies due to the job you are doing, and then repeated on the opposite side with the same angle. This is repeated five to ten times.