iSi Soda Chargers, Pack of 10

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Get perfect results with iSi’s soda chargers.

Box contains:
10 soda chargers

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Excellent to use with the iSi Twist ‘n Sparkle beverage carbonator, these soda chargers help create delightfully sparkling beverages. Each iSi soda charger contains 8.4 g of pure CO2, carbonates 1L of water, and is made of high quality, recyclable steel.

About iSi

iSi is an Austrian company known for producing innovative, high-quality products across industries. Its culinary division specializes in creating soda and cream chargers. The company aspires to inspire new trends in the culinary industry and re-interpret the taste of food. Since 50 years, iSi has connected functionality, design, and innovation through its products.

  • Net Weight: 8.4g.
  • Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.