WMF Steak Profi Nonstick Frying Pan, 28cm

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High-quality materials, excellent artistry, meticulous quality controls along with the sophisticated design, and the well-thought-out functionality ensure very long service life and provide exceptional versatility.

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The Profi resist is not just a frying pan but the optimum result of the perfect nonstick pan suitable for all types of temperatures. This pan is extremely heat resistant and ideal for high temperature cooking such as searing and roasting. Suitable even for professional cooks due to its robust quality. The perfect steak will no longer be a problem even for home cooks. The triple-layered BPFO free induction suitable pan has an innovative RAPID HEAT CONTROL function enabling sophisticate cooking with a shorter time. Also, the stainless steel handle fits comfortably and smoothly in your hand.

About WMF

For more than 160 years, WMF Germany has been known worldwide for its reliable, versatile and stylish range of products. Consistently awarded prestigious design awards for their cutting-edge and contemporary innovations, WMF continues to inspire the cooking and dining experience.


Product Specifications

Material:Multilayer material
Size: 28 cm, also available in 24 cm.

  • The pan base has a Rapid Heat Control Technology which saves time and energy
  • Ideal pan for roasting and shallow frying
  • Delicate food doesn’t stick to the pan due to the high quality nonstick
  • The parented Duraquarz coating is long-lasting and BPFO free
  • Heat resistant up to 400C hence safe in the oven
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Extremely durable
  • Before first use,remove any existing labels, rinse with hot water, mild detergent and dry thoroughly
  • Use the highest heat setting for heating up. Then reduce the heat so that the food is fried over medium heat
  • Use the low heat settings in particular for low-water cooking and low-fat frying
  • The pan is also suitable for the oven
  • Please use pan holders, as the handles can become hot in the oven
  • Frying pans made from multilayer material ensure very rapid and even heat distribution
  • Never heat an empty frying pan for extended periods of time and ensure that the liquid in the food being cooked never completely evaporates
  • Soak the pan to remove food residue before using a sponge or a soft brush
  • Please do not use steel wool or abrasive scouring agents


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