Staub Black Matte Wok Set, 37 cm

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Staub’s enamelled cast iron wok is excellent for cooking a variety of healthy and flavourful preparations.

Set contains:
1 wok 
1 glass lid
1 tempura grill

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Staub’s cast iron wok excels in cooking quick meals and is versatile with a plethora of cooking methods. The wok lets you fry, braise, stew, boil and steam your preparations so you can enjoy a variety of tasty dishes. Its hemispherical shape makes it easy to use and flat base gives it stability, making it compatible with all stovetops.

wok with grill and lid

Key Highlights
- Staub’s cast iron wok is excellent in redistributing heat quickly
- When cooked on high heat, the Staub wok instantaneously sears your meats and veggies. This lets them retain their flavour and nutritional properties
- The Staub wok comes with a tempura grill, which can be used to separate or drain cooked or fried food
- The tapered shape of the Staub wok reduces the amount of cooking oil required, meeting the needs of low-calorie diets
- The Staub wok is non-messy and is easy to clean and use

Benefits of enamelled cast iron
- Excellent heat retention, slow diffusion and even distribution of the same 
- Mainly made from glass, enamel is extremely durable
- High-quality enamel offers improved resistance to thermal shocks, scratching and has outstanding non-stick properties
- Compatible with all stovetops, including induction

A brief history of the wok 
The origin of the wok can be traced back over 2,000 years to the rural regions of Asia. Its main benefit pertained to its bowl shape, which made it possible to cook food over a small heat source. As of today, the wok is an indispensable cooking appliance in kitchens worldwide.

About the brand
Staub is known for the production of high quality cast-iron products. It is the brand of choice among many of the world’s most renowned chefs. Staub products come with the guarantee of flawless quality and are proven in day to day use. Made in France, these products are reckoned by traditional and authentic craftsmanship combined with innovative expertise.


Product Specifications

Colour: Black Matte
Material: Cast Iron
Dimensions: Diameter – 37 (cm), Capacity – 5.7 L
Set contents: 1 wok, 1 glass lid, 1 tempura grill



  • Although cast iron is known to sustain very high temperatures, we recommend you gradually increase the heat from low to medium to high in order to avoid thermal shocks and damage of the surface of the cast iron.
  • Select a stovetop that appropriately corresponds to the base size of your wok
  • When using induction stovetops and glass-ceramic surfaces, always lift your wok rather than pushing it, to avoid damages to the cooking surface
  • Use silicone or wooden cooking utensils to avoid scratching the enamelled surface of the wok


  • Never put a hot wok on an unprotected surface
  • Allow the wok to cool before rinsing it with water
  • If food residues have stuck to the wok, do not use abrasive or corrosive detergents, scouring powder or steel sponges to remove them. Instead, soak the wok in warm water and then remove the residues with a wash-up liquid and non-scouring sponge
  • Dry the wok thoroughly with a clean kitchen towel and only store it away when it is completely dry
  • Though the wok can be washed in a dishwasher, it is recommended that you clean it by hand for long-lasting and durable use
  • The lid knob may loosen over time. Therefore, check the screws from time to time and tighten them up if necessary
MaterialCast Iron
ColorMatte Black