Staub Multi-functional Spoon Silicone, 30cm

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This multi-functional spoon is useful for a variety of cooking tasks such as stirring, turning, flipping and serving. Made from high-quality silicone, it can be used on non-stick surfaces and is the ideal tool for our Cocottes and frying pans.
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STAUB introduces its new series of kitchen helpers. Made from black matte silicone and acacia wood, the utensils were designed to match the other STAUB items in your kitchen. The high-quality material has several advantages: silicone is heat-resistant up to 220°C and does not leave scratches on cast iron or non-stick coating. The handle is made of the beautiful acacia wood that is shaped ergonomically and has a hole for easy storing. This multi-functional spoon can be used in many cooking tasks, such as moving around ingredients of a stir-fry, flipping roast potatoes, stirring vegetables, lifting food from a pan, and serving at the table. Its triangular head holds more food than the serving spoon and the shape makes it easier to use in a pan or angular ceramic dish. This spoon might become the most-used utensil in your kitchen and you will wonder how you ever did anything without it.

About Staub

Staub introduces a collection of utensils to complete its assortment of kitchenware. The utensils are designed to fit perfectly with the cast iron cookware, both in terms of design and functionality. They are made from acacia wood and black matte silicone, the ideal material to use with the enamelled cocottes, and suitable for non-stick coated pans. The ergonomic handles are carved from beautifully structured acacia wood and are a pleasure to use. With 11 different utensils, including tongs, a pastry brush, and scraper, a skimming ladle as well as several specialized tools for cooking and serving, Staub once again meets its goal to offer everything needed “from the kitchen to the table".


Length: 30cm
Width: 7cm

  • Black matte silicone suitable for non-stick ­surfaces and cast iron 
  • Perfect tool for our braisers and frying pans 
  • For turning, stirring, flipping and serving most foods 
  • Designed by STAUB
SpecificationHand-wash only.